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As the new year approaches, so does the opportunity for a fresh start. For many people, this means correcting those lazy eating habits, spending a little more time at the gym and living an overall healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, by the second week of February, approximately 80% of resolutions tend to fail. AMS has some helpful tips to make sure you stick with those New Year’s resolutions and stay on track with your health goals in 2019!

Set Goals

Goal-setting isn’t having a vague idea of something that you would like to achieve at some point in the future. When you are determining your goals, write them down and hold yourself accountable for the goal that you have set for yourself. When the goal is written down in front of you, it stays top of mind when you’re planning out your week.

Make a Plan

After you set goals for yourself, the first thing you should do is to find the motivation behind your goal. Do you want to have more energy, fit into a certain item of clothing or simply improve your overall health? Make sure your motivation is clear so that you’ll have something to keep pushing you throughout the year and remind yourself why you set the goal in the first place.

Use Reliable Sources

Trying out one of those new fad diets may be tempting, but they can be unrealistic and difficult to maintain. Make sure the information that you’re receiving is reliable. Consult with your doctor to help you understand what the best option for YOU is.

Track What You Eat

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly snacking throughout the day? You’re not the only one! Looking closely at what you eat can be an extremely eye opening experience. Try keeping a journal or make notes in your phone to track your eating habits. Keeping track of the food that you eat will make you aware of the changes you need to make in order to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Take it Slow

Most importantly, take it slow! One of the major mistakes that people make is doing everything all at once to reach their health goals. As with most things in life, taking on too much is unrealistic and makes it more difficult to achieve your goals in the long run. Incorporate your healthy changes slowly, even if this means scaling back your original goals.

Once you have reasonably set your goals, found your motivation and achieved your goals, treat yourself! These wins will keep you motivated throughout the year. Creating new habits can be a long and frustrating process, but AMS is here to help you with your healthy New Year’s resolution. If you have any questions, contact AMS today.

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