This clinic manages over 1,500 patients on Coumadin therapy. Hundreds of patients are called with results on a daily basis and are instructed on dosing per AMS protocol.

Patients are educated with diet information and medications that could interact with Coumadin. Our nurses instruct patients that need to stop Coumadin for procedures (cardiac cath, generator changes, ICDs, colonoscopy, dental procedures, etc.) and provide teaching for those who need to be bridged with Lovenox/Arixtra.

Finger stick INRs are available in Suite 123 by appointment only. Medicare and most insurance plans cover this service. Patients may need to go to their assigned capitated lab for the finger sticks.

AMS participates with Alere, a home monitoring company, that can provide patients with a portable INR monitor for the home. This helps patients benefit from the freedom of home testing while remaining connected with their physicians as they work together to enjoy better health. Alere verifies insurance coverage for the monitor and at home services while our AMS nurses train the patients on the use of the monitor and communicate results and changes to the patients.