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Halloween is right around the corner and that means you will probably come across a scary movie or two in the next couple days. You may not be the biggest scary movie fan, but odds are you have a friend or family member who is, so you have a pretty good chance of at least watching part of a film. One thing that many people do not consider when it comes to scary movies is the impact that they may have on your body. You might think that it sounds crazy, but here are a few examples of how your body reacts:

Increase in Stress and Anxiety
When you are watching a scary movie, you are constantly on edge. The high suspense can cause an increase in stress and anxiety, which can lead to an increased heart rate. The change is not very noticeable of threatening, but it is definitely something to keep in mind.
Muscle Tension
When you experience fear or anxiety, one of the first things you will notice is that your muscles tighten. They start seizing up, which is why you may have unconsciously grabbed a nearby object to hold onto while watching a horror film.
Spike in Adrenaline
Odds are if you enjoy watching scary movies, it’s due in part to the adrenaline rush you get from the action taking place. This may cause you to feel full of energy and be very alert after watching a scary movie. To be so energized and hyped up may be concerning for someone who’s body is not accustomed to this feeling. It is important to have time to calm down after watching a scary movie so your heart and body have the ability to adjust back to normal.
Loss of Sleep
Almost everyone has heard someone say “this movie will give you nightmares” at some point in their life. While you may not always have a nightmare after watching a scary film, there is a strong possibility that you will have difficulty falling asleep. This could be due to your adrenaline still being high, or it could just be that you’re replaying an image over and over in your head. No matter what the cause, the is a good chance that you will not enjoy your usual restful night of sleep after watching a scary movie.


With this being the popular time for people to watch these types of movies, we want to make people aware of commonly overlooked effects that they could have on the body. We hope that everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!

If you have an existing heart condition, it might be best to skip the scary movies this year.

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