ccmChronic Care Management (CCM) is a new government program for Medicare patients. You may be eligible to participate in these additional benefits to help manage your chronic conditions. With the CCM Program your doctor is able to spend more time on your care – even when you aren’t in the office. Chronic conditions are ongoing medical problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, hyperlipidemia, and many others. These conditions must be managed effectively in partnership between the healthcare team and patient to maintain the best possible overall health and wellness.

What are the benefits of signing up for CCM services?

  • Coordinated care between specialists, testing centers and hospitals to make sure everyone is working together.
  • Chart review in advance of every visit to identify issues that should be discussed and addressed.
  • Review and oversight of medications.
  • Follow up after each visit to make sure you’re feeling well and that your medications are working.
  • Assistance with scheduling preventative care services, many of which are covered by Medicare.
  • More personalized attention to your health management goals.

Ask your nurse or doctor if you are eligible for Chronic Care Management and get started TODAY!

Note: you must sign an agreement to receive these Chronic Care Management services. You have the right to stop CCM services at any time. Cost-sharing applies to CCM services. After signed consent you will be contacted by an AMS Care Manager to plan your personalized care program.