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Positive Effects of Running on Heart HealthThe nice weather is finally here! What is your favorite thing about summer? One of ours is being able to get our daily dose of activity outdoors! We all know a great option for outside cardio is running, but how does this actually contribute to maintaining a healthy heart? Read on to find out!

Muscle Growth
Did you know that the heart itself is a muscle? It’s a well-known fact that our muscles get bigger and stronger with exercise, and our heart is no exception. Running makes our heart exert itself, forming tears that are then repaired during rest periods. The muscle then comes back stronger than before.

Elongated Lifespan
Did you know that running is an easy way to potentially add years onto your life? Studies show that those who run 30-59 minutes a week decreased their risk of cardiovascular death by 58 percent, compared to those who do not run at all. Another study discovered that runners actually live on average three years longer than non-runners.

Increased Blood Pressure & Flow
When you run or exert yourself in any form of cardio, your heart rate naturally increases. In turn, this causes heightened blood flow and circulation, while lowering blood pressure. When put under strain, the heart begins to pump faster. Therefore, endurance activities such as running, help to strengthen the heart and its function.

Increased Oxygen
Your increased heart rate also supplies the working muscles with more oxygen, which helps to carry vital nutrients throughout the body much easier. In fact, running increases your maximum oxygen intake capacity, therefore strengthening your endurance with every run.


It is important to note that individuals should start running at their own pace, and not exert too much stress on their bodies. Alternate more intense runs with paced runs in order to give your heart time to rest. Additionally, more miles does not automatically mean better for your heart. Just a few minutes a day can give you all of these wonderful benefits!

Ultimately, running is considered to be one of the best things you can do for your heart, bringing in not only various physical benefits, but also mental. Grab your running shoes, find a scenic trail and go!  We promise your heart will thank you for it. If you experience any discomfort in your chest while exercising, do not hesitate to make an appointment at AMS and get examined by one of our experienced physicians.


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