The cardiologists at AMS are here for more than your heart—we are here to provide exceptional care and the highest quality of customer satisfaction in North Wales. Our staff is a group of individuals who work together with one common goal, to help your heart with superb patient satisfaction. Our physicians provide a full range of care including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management. We recognize the rapid growth of cardiology and that’s why our team makes it their mission to be lifelong learners, always staying one step ahead with the latest in cardiovascular care. 

North Wales is a small borough located in Montgomery County. When individuals are searching for the region’s most trusted and top-performing cardiologist group in the area, they can rest assured they will be fully taken care of at AMS Cardiology. For the most comprehensive heart health care, choose the physicians of Abington Medical Specialists.

Quality, Empathy, and Innovation in North Wales

We treat every patient with the respect, empathy, and professionalism that they deserve. Our friendly, accessible staff uses the latest, state of the art equipment to provide remarkable care for our patients. Through our effective procedures, treatments, and innovations we hope to always deliver the best for our patients, with consistent, safe, and high-quality clinical care. 

Who We Are

At AMS Cardiology, we are one of the most respected cardiologist groups in the Greater Philadelphia area. Since our inception, we have made a commitment to our patients—to deliver the best treatment and cure ailments while also providing exceptional preventative and management practices. Abington Medical Specialists provide a full continuum of care including procedures and testing like echocardiograms and electrophysiology studies to ensure you and your heart are always beating strong. To learn more, or schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, contact us today or call us at 215-517-1000.