Tired of Blood Thinners? AMS Cardiology May Be Able To Help!

Dr. Klugherz & Dr. Borge have implanted the first Watchman Device in our area!

The Watchman implant is a device that is placed in a section of the heart that forms clots in patients with a rhythm disorder known as atrial fibrillation. These clots cause stroke and require the use of blood thinners. The Watchman device is like an expandable umbrella that closes this area of the heart and allows these patients to be off of blood thinning medication.

The Watchman Device Implant is designed to keep harmful blood clots from the left atrial appendage from entering your blood stream and potentially causing a stroke. The device is made of materials that are common to many medical devices. It is about the size of a quarter and cannot be seen outside the body.

Outside of research centers, AMS Cardiology is the first community-based hospital in this area to have access to this technology!

Learn More About The Watchman Device by clicking the links below:

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