Best and Worst Cooking Oils For Your Heart

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  Not all cooking oils are created equal and by now you’ve probably noticed the plethora of them as you browse the aisles of your grocery store. Choosing an oil rich in unsaturated fats is essential in supporting your heart health. Cooking with these oils can help lower your risk of heart attack and death  … Read more

COVID-19 and the Cardiovascular Effects: What We Know

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  Since the onset of the pandemic doctors and epidemiologists have been observing COVID-19 and its effects on heart health. While people who don’t have underlying heart disease can still contract severe forms of COVID-19, individuals with cardiovascular disease (CVD) are more than twice as likely to develop a severe form. After recovering, over 10%  … Read more

Why Hydration Is Essential to a Healthy Lifestyle

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  It’s no secret the human body needs water to survive. Every cell, tissue and organ is made up of water and needs it to function properly. The human body uses water to maintain temperature, remove waste and lubricate joints. It’s also critical for heart health. When hydrated, the heart and other organs don’t have  … Read more

AMS Cardiology’s Updated Covid-19 Policies

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    Our patients’ and professionals’ health is our number one priority at AMS Cardiology. We take pride in welcoming all families, guests, and visitors who want to experience our exceptional patient-centered care during normal times. We understand how important the health of you and your loved ones is during these uncertain times, and that’s  … Read more

AFib: What to Know

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    Atrial fibrillation, known as AFib or AF, is a heart condition characterized by an irregular or rapid heartbeat. It is the most common type of arrhythmia, affecting more than 5 million adults in the United States. The top two chambers of the heart, (the atria) normally beat together in a regular fashion. AFib  … Read more

Heart-Healthy New Year’s Goals

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2020 was hard for everyone—physically, emotionally and mentally. As we ring in the new year and welcome 2021 with open arms, it’s time to establish some “new year, new me” healthy habits. From losing weight, reducing stress, quitting smoking or exercising more, these goals can all help with your heart health, which is extremely important  … Read more

Don’t Overdo It: Snow Shoveling Techniques

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While a necessity in many parts of the world, we often don’t realize just how demanding snow shoveling can be on our bodies. Sore legs, aching muscles, and burning shoulders are all the typical adverse signs of this dreaded chore but shoveling snow is also the cause of hundreds of fatal injuries throughout the nation  … Read more